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13 November 2006 @ 06:59 pm
Name & Age: Maricris, 26
S/O's Name & Age: Jim, 33
Date you got engaged: 9/23/06
Wedding date: 07/20/07
Wedding location: NY (church), NJ (reception)
Wedding theme: main color - ruby red, accent-champagne
Wedding size//formality: 250+, formal
How did you meet your S/O?: SUNY Buffalo
Do you have a wedding journal//website?: on weddingannouncer.com
Picture time! Post 3+ pictures of you and your S/O:
03 November 2006 @ 12:20 pm
Just under 8 months left, and so much to do...
Things that are done:
Reception Venue
Ceremony Venue and Officiant
My dress
DJ (contract is being signed this weekend)
Florist (mom just found one for us yesterday, and it's very reasonable!)
Cake Maker(friend of mine will be making it)
Ceremony Musicians (my friends)

Things left to do:
Bridesmaid dresses
Dan's suit and the GM attire
wedding rings
invitations, TY's, STD
shoes, petticoat, jewelry for me, veil
pick hairstyle, make appt
block off rooms for out of towners
wedding programs
gifts for wedding party

ugh. i'm feeling like there is a lot more to be done.
02 November 2006 @ 08:09 pm
Name & Age: Katie, 25
S/O's Name & Age: Anthony, 25
Date you got engaged: January 6, 2006
Wedding date: July 1, 2007
Wedding location: Rochester, NY
Wedding theme: I don't know yet.. probably won't be one
Wedding size//formality: no more than 100 and not really formal
How did you meet your S/O?: through mutual friends. It was the night before Halloween and I was dressed up as Wayne from Wayne's World and my friend was Garth. But he was still attracted to me!
Do you have a wedding journal//website?: not yet.
Picture time! Post 3+ pictures of you and your S/O: I don't have the patience at the moment to find some good ones and upload them.
31 October 2006 @ 10:39 am
Ok, so I know that this has nothing to do with my wedding, except that it could help me to win $500 bucks to put towards the wedding if I win first place...
I'm in a karaoke contest this weekend, and I need to pick two songs-one upbeat, and one slow.
For slow songs I can't decide between:
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (Judy Garland version with a bit of jazz in the voice)
or "My Immortal by Evanescence"

"I Don't Want you to Go" by Carolyn Dawn Johnson
"I'm the Only One" by Melissa Ethridge
"In the Rough" by Anna Nalick

Or..I'm open to suggestion if anyone can think of any similar songs (those all are pretty good in my voice), let me know!! :)
20 October 2006 @ 04:36 pm
I am starting to get excited.
EDIT: Thanks to EveryHope...I can post some pictures!!!
I found a picture of a cake today that inspired me. It has pale yellow frosting and is decorated with daisies.

So, I've decided, I want daisies to be my flower.
And I want the BM dresses to be a pale yellow and a cornflower blue (4 BM's so I figure 2 of each). I'm going to let them just pick their dresses so that can stop being a fight.
And for my bouquet a mix of daisies and cornflower blue gerbera daisies and other flowers of those colors. The girls will carry regular daisies with some yello and blue mixed in.
YAY!! :)
And finally...my dress...except it will be ivory. (Sorry I had to scan the picture in)

19 October 2006 @ 02:30 pm
Introduction Survey

Name & Age: Lea, 26

S/O's Name & Age: Jason, 25

Date you got engaged: July 19, 2006

Wedding date: July 28, 2007

Wedding location: Rochester, NY

Wedding theme: Hmm, not sure I'm quite sure of this yet! The ceremony will be held outdoors in a garden, so I am thinking that I would like an overall theme of romantic / whimsy. Colors will definitely include lots of pinks!

Wedding size/formality: We're working on the guest list right now. I'd be pleased if 100 - 125 people attended. I much prefer a smaller group to a larger one. The wedding will be of average formality. Not black tie, but it is an evening wedding / reception.

How did you meet your S/O?: We were introduced through mutual friends.

Do you have a wedding journal//website?: No, not at the moment.

Picture time! Post 3+ pictures of you and your S/O: Here we are!Collapse )

I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's weddings and hopefully finding some great planning ideas and tips here! :)
According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, July 8-18 is supposed to be seasonable, with scattered thunderstorms in the Atlantic Corridor (though my ceremony site might border the "Northeast" region, where, from the 14-23, simply reads "Showers.")

For whatever that's worth.
17 October 2006 @ 04:17 pm
Question for you July Brides: When are you supposed to register?? And where are you all registering? I'm thinking when we do it, it'll be Target, Crate and Barrel, and a department store (maybe Penney's or Macy's).
People have already asked where we're register, but I just think it's so early! I'm afraid that if we do it too soon, things might not be there anymore. For instance, there are these dishes I LOVE from crate and barrel.com, but I'm afraid that they won't be around in 8 months when people are REALLY buying gifts. I don't want to have people already have bought 3 settings and then have it be discontinued or something.
The other thing is that we've been living together for 2 years, so a lot of what we register for will be upgrading from what we have.
What do you all think?
15 October 2006 @ 10:27 pm
Name & Age: Steph, 28

S/O's Name & Age: Joshua, 29

Date you got engaged: September 30, 2006

Wedding date: July 28, 2007

Wedding location: Midland, Ontario, Canada

Wedding theme: Mostly just going for elegance, which we'll express through the colours -- sage green and champagne.

Wedding size//formality: Semi-formal, around 100 guests

How did you meet your S/O?: Online! :)

Do you have a wedding journal//website?: Kinda

Picture time! Post 3+ pictures of you and your S/O: Sorry, I must decline.
15 October 2006 @ 08:36 pm
Name & Age: Katie, 19

S/O's Name & Age: Cameron (Cam), also 19

Date you got engaged: August 24, 2006

Wedding date: July 14, 2007

Wedding location: British Columbia, Canada (ceremony in a church, reception likely in church's banquet facilities)

Wedding theme: We're going to work with the season -- summer -- and have lots of bright colours and summery flowers.

Wedding size//formality: Semi-formal, medium sized (we haven't started planning much yet -- terrible, I know!!)

How did you meet your S/O?: We went to the same high school but I never really noticed him until we were both asked to chair a school fundraising committee ... funny, I can't even remember now what we were supposed to be raising funds for. I think it might have been for new library books. Anyway, I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was feeling quite bitchy, so I initially turned poor Cam down when he asked me out. He's persistent though and eventually I agreed almost out of sheer annoyance. Needless to say we got on really well and went out for two years before he proposed.

Do you have a wedding journal//website?: I mainly use this journal for wedding stuff, along with general updates about my life. No website due to my completely non-existent tech skills.

Picture time! Post 3+ pictures of you and your S/O: Sorry, no can-do right now. :(