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19 January 2007 @ 05:59 pm
Florist Advice  

I need advice about a florist, but first, as the info page requests:

Introduction Survey
Name & Age: Marissa, I'll be 24 on Thursday!
S/O's Name & Age: Kyle, 24
Date you got engaged: 12/23/05
Wedding date: July 29
Wedding location: Rancho de las Flores in Somis, CA: http://www.ranchodelasflores.com/
Wedding theme: none
Wedding size//formality: 150-180ish people. Outdoor garden (ceremony and reception).
How did you meet your S/O?: High school
Do you have a wedding journal//website?: I made one on theknot.com, but it's nothing to look at
Picture time! Post 3+ pictures of you and your S/O:

At my dad's wedding January 2006:
title or description

At the wedding site:
title or description

title or description

Now onto the real reason I'm here... I need florist advice!

I'm trying to decide between two florists. Debbie is the one I really want, but of course is more expensive than my second choice, Jocelyn. Both do beautiful work, are nice people, and I spoke with references for both, which were all positive. I even spoke to one photographer who knew both of them, said they were both good, but that Debbie was better and worth the extra money. With Jocelyn, I'm sure it would be beautiful, but I just get a better vibe from Debbie, and feel like she's more personable. I have already asked her a bunch of questions and her answers are already so soothing. I feel like I would be so at ease and calm with her. But using her would mean having to sacrifice to stay within my budget- smaller bouquets, fewer arrangements. Whereas with Jocelyn, her maximum estimate was only a little above my budget and included absolutely anything I could want. With Debbie, it would probably only be a few hundred more than with Jocelyn, but the budget is tight. What would you do? BTW, for those in the area (LA/Ventura County) who might know, it's Debbie Fields of Floral Fields (http://www.floralfields.net/) and Jocelyn Kellogg of A Beautiful Day Productions (http://www.abeautifuldayproductions.com/). Help please!

K Ttackie_k_t on January 28th, 2007 08:10 pm (UTC)
Personally I would go with Debbie, but then again, I will go over budget for pretty much anything I really like and feel good about!
ljsfiancee on January 30th, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)
i would not sacrifice your instinct. i worked as a floral designer for quite a few years and it is all about the ocnnection that you have with the client. It is the only way that you will truly get what you want. I know that it may cost you more, but I think it would be worth it. Have you thought of going with hand tied bouquets, you could go small to medium for the BM and save $ on the designing time:)
good luck!

Danielle- July 14, 2007