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09 January 2007 @ 10:48 pm
Bridal Party Colors & Bouquet Suggestions  
I've narrowed down the choices for the colors I want in our wedding: jewel tones in red and purple hues of the maroon and dark purple variety.

My bridesmaids will be wearing saris, but I am still stuck on choosing the most flattering palette of colors to accent, yet not overpower the dress I will be wearing. (See my dress here and here.) I want my maid of honor to have a sari in a different color.

As for the men, their tuxes will follow suit to whichever color I choose as far as the vests or ties go, etc. (I placed an example of the jacket the groom and groomsmen may possibly be wearing though just for comparison's sake.)

I photoshopped these images just to get an idea.


More and more I am leaning towards this palette choice.


Or this variant of the above, but with the maid of honor in maroon.


Surprisingly, this color arrangement did not turn me off, but it's not my favorite.


Originally I was going to go with this color scheme. I had a few people express to me that they thought black was too somber a color for a wedding, but I felt the black was classy and elegant. The wedding will also be held in the evening, so I feel the black would have been suitable. Still, I'm pretty sold to the idea of having the bridal party in colorful saris. The men will be in black as it is and I was afraid the red maid of honor's sari would be too visually conflicting with my dress.

So what say you to the color query?

Which bridal party sari choice is the most visually pleasing to you?

Choice 1 - Purple Sari & Three Maroon Saris
Choice 2 - Maroon Sari & Three Purple Saris
Choice 3 - Maroon Sari & Three Bright Red Saris
Choice 4 - Red Sari & Three Black Saris

Do you have any better solutions or color arrangements other than the choices offered above?

And also: what types of flowers would be suitable for a bridal bouquet? My floral knowledge is limited. I would love to have lotus flowers, but I'm sure that wouldn't be possible. Something exotic would be lovely. My bridesmaids will not have bouquets, though. I have another idea for what they will carry.

My thanks in advance!!

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hmelegant_emily on January 10th, 2007 11:54 am (UTC)
lilies would be really pretty. They come in a million different colors and definitely have an exotic look :)
digital.firefly: Cinderellalyris_avedis on January 10th, 2007 10:35 pm (UTC)
Yes, this is true! Good idea!